Once Upon A Time There Was a Girl

Once upon a time
(there was a girl from far away…)

She loves to waltz in shoes that drip ink, trailing beautiful words across this ivory floor.
It is sinking into the stone, causing inspiration to flare up and sear the image in my mind.
(when I close my eyes all I see is her)

She put on a golden mask to cloak her fragility, and on it was scattered phrases, love, lies about her soul that is dancing in an antique sky-blue dress.
(in all honesty all her colors are vivid and brilliant)

She wears stars in her hair and they are all refracting the illumination from the steps she’s taking.
She scatters words softly to the star-lined ceiling where they tumbled down into the palms of his hands and made him feel.
(reminded him of home and making it real)

She is the daughter of word and soul, a sister of poetry, born with the art of love. Since they gave her those shoes, she chooses to wear them to bed.
(and wakes up with dreams at her feet instead of her head)

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