It happened quite by chance. He was sitting outside at his favorite cafe while enjoying the autumn air. A breeze picked up and a laugh across the road caught his attention. He looked over and saw her. She was talking to the lady who runs the bakery and could tell she was not from here. He waited for her to walk away before he crossed the street to ask his friend, the baker, about the woman. Before too long he had charmed the baker and found out the woman was staying a few months while studying abroad. Something about her … Continue reading Chance

Haibun Thinking

I remember a biting cold winter day when my mind was opened up and I was reborn into a logophile.   A five year old me became very ill and my father stayed by my side. He read me many stories and created tales just for us. When all of those efforts had been exhausted he left the room. Time ticked away and I was drifting off to sleep, he reappeared.  Sitting next to me, I noticed 3 beautiful books in his hands. He leaned close to me and whispered he was going to show me his abditory. Kissing my … Continue reading Haibun Thinking

Tears From Cerulean Eyes

There are mornings I wake and my world has taken on a new hue Sometimes my lovely roses and reds have given way to blue Everywhere I look I see the azure drops hanging so delicately With the gentle power of one exhale it comes down to cover me It envelopes me like the waves of the deep blue ocean It can also twinkle like the cerulean of my eyes Does it creep up from a place of sorrow and fall like tears Or does it bring hope like the sky that holds our dreams My thoughts go to the … Continue reading Tears From Cerulean Eyes

You Walk This Way

artwork by me I stood outside in the rain today. While under the drumming of the drops, from across the ocean I swear I could hear you crying. It caused me to stop and for a second, I felt complete. In that moment let us pretend you didn’t break my heart. Instead I will try and bandage my wounds and find that fake smile you left behind. Now let’s pretend I am happy standing outside and these are truly raindrops, not my own tears. I will use water colors on the sidewalk to write every excuse I have. Then as … Continue reading You Walk This Way