Whispered Unrequited Love

  Sorrowful words painted on macabre skeletons Swept open the curtains of my heart Releasing the tear stained butterflies Encased within my ribcage The raindrops we once dreamt of dancing between Now batter the delicate wings Of the carriers of … Continue reading Whispered Unrequited Love

You Walk This Way

artwork by me I stood outside in the rain today. While under the drumming of the drops, from across the ocean I swear I could hear you crying. It caused me to stop and for a second, I felt complete. In that moment let us pretend you didn’t break my heart. Instead I will try and bandage my wounds and find that fake smile you left behind. Now let’s pretend I am happy standing outside and these are truly raindrops, not my own tears. I will use water colors on the sidewalk to write every excuse I have. Then as … Continue reading You Walk This Way