Hands Through Time

You are next to me bathing in the moonbeams.The backs of our hands touch causing a flicker in the emulsified room. A whirlwind of crimson flames embrace us, as our souls draw nearer. Whispered thoughts and sighs from the past slip in my ear telling me of days gone by. I sit up as my body stays next to yours. I watch over us and take my finger and scroll through our past. I draw in the images of us so long ago wrapped up in one another’s arms. Smiling as I see time and time again we find each other. Our eyes fail to see what our hearts know. I lean close to you and exhale many words that have passed between us.

breathe me in once more
tangled souls trembling hearts
together complete

together complete
your eyes capturing my soul
heartbeats move in time

heartbeats move in time
red thread binds us forever
breathe me in once more


Written for Carpe Diem #372

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