Carry Home With Me


My feet drag through the sand as I leave my mark briefly on the world. I peer over my shoulder and see my prints left so delicately upon the earth then watch as the wind softly picks up and rearranges the grains. The water exhales and pulls itself up on the shore and washes the rest away.

I have come to this spot many times over the past six years. Some moments I walked in darkness allowing my tears to drop into the ocean.Other times laughter and joy are swept up in the wind to catch flight with the seagulls as I came with my children. There are have been sunrises that bathed me in gold and sunsets I was shivering in cold. Each, pieces of time I held in my heart.

The images were meaningful but looking from above, it was just another captured moment in a harmonious painting mixd with the colors, emotions and thoughts of so many. We all walk together whether it be on the beaches, forests or cities. Our time here goes fast and no matter what indelible stroke we believe we have written…slowly each will deliquesce into time.

Photos fade, art ablates, new moments are born and finally the last one that had a memory of us will die….this is life.


captured in the heart
light fades darkness comes to all
now is all we have


Written for Carpe Diem’s Kamishibai (Kamishibai means storyteller)

The prompt was to write a haibun about where we live.
I currently  live on a beautiful island off North Carolina but the world is my true home.

All photos are mine and taken at my favorite spot called the Point.
It’s where the ocean meets the sound and it is always changing depending how the water and wind want to sculpt the scenery.

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