My eyes turn from your gaze and I know it is to hide my shame. Please do not look too close, for you will see what truly resides in my heart. A fevered glow of embers burn deep inside me and no amount of tears will extinguish them. You reach for my hand and I pull back my scorched fingers. Your loving touch pains me for I have painted with fire and those scars still remain. You lay your hand upon my branded heart that forever carries the pain I caused you. You lean in close as your lips brush … Continue reading Enkindle

Hands Through Time

You are next to me bathing in the moonbeams.The backs of our hands touch causing a flicker in the emulsified room. A whirlwind of crimson flames embrace us, as our souls draw nearer. Whispered thoughts and sighs from the past slip in my ear telling me of days gone by. I sit up as my body stays next to yours. I watch over us and take my finger and scroll through our past. I draw in the images of us so long ago wrapped up in one another’s arms. Smiling as I see time and time again we find each … Continue reading Hands Through Time

Time Stands Still

tic…toc…tic…toc…My heart keeps beat as the hands of time surround me. I sit as the universe spins around me, I reach out to let my fingers twirl the memory ribbons. I pull out a moment from the streaks of color that have created my life up until now. I dangle a sliver of time before my eyes. It spins between my fingers and I can see myself when I was young. Running, dancing under the willows that dropped delicate kisses upon my head. I drape it around my neck and allow it to fall close to my heart. I raise … Continue reading Time Stands Still

Dancing Laughter

He reached out his hand to me and I took it without hesitation. As I looked into his eyes, my heart steadied with the rhythm of the train. I sat back down and my eyes glanced out the window and I could see the moon had thrown her blanket over the world. I must have fallen asleep but the dream was still fresh in my mind. Still looking out the window, I could see the stars casting their reflection upon the water. My heart fluttered like the wings of a hummingbird as I saw the pearl gliding through the darkness. … Continue reading Dancing Laughter