Time Stands Still

tic…toc…tic…toc…My heart keeps beat as the hands of time surround me. I sit as the universe spins around me, I reach out to let my fingers twirl the memory ribbons. I pull out a moment from the streaks of color that have created my life up until now.

I dangle a sliver of time before my eyes. It spins between my fingers and I can see myself when I was young. Running, dancing under the willows that dropped delicate kisses upon my head. I drape it around my neck and allow it to fall close to my heart.

I raise my arms above my head and pull down a heavier moment and cradle it in my hand. Pink and blue swirl as a tear drops to cause the colors to form into a heart. My lips press against this memory and laughter leaps out and dances around my hair. I pull my hands to my stomach and let it rest there once more because it is where they were born.

Tiny drops fall upon my head and slowly run down my face. I tilt back my face to absorb the sadness and remember…like an old movie projector I replay my last weeks with him. I feel his hand in mine as he slipped from this world into the next. Sadness turns to rejoicing the time we shared knowing we will meet once more.

I open my eyes and an orb slowly pulls from the swirls of reflection. I follow as it moves towards me and pauses. My eyes feel heavy with remembrance….

laughter echoes
catching sands of our time
stand still and we meet again


Written for Carpe Diem #371

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