Rest Upon My Heart

I reach up and paint the sunshine along the horizon. With each brush stroke I feel your shadow stretching until it caresses my heart. I turn and watch the light dance across the ground as you and I draw farther apart. As I walk towards you I feel you pull back.  My love for you rises like the sun but you sink softly below the edges of the world.

I am feeling alone as the rays kiss my skin. I curl up in a blanket of honeysuckle dripping from above and wait for your return. I feel the dew spinning upon my lashes as the wind whispers your name. Night moves quickly to take over the skies as shadows drop down to chase the last ambers away. Your obsidian rolls over the world as though your heart is starving and searching for something to satisfy its needs.

My dear…don’t you know I love you so much that I set the sun upon my heart every evening just to lure you to me.


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction

Prompt is the photo below

Copyright Al Forbes

Copyright Al Forbes

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