Rest Upon My Heart

I reach up and paint the sunshine along the horizon. With each brush stroke I feel your shadow stretching until it caresses my heart. I turn and watch the light dance across the ground as you and I draw farther apart. As I walk towards you I feel you pull back.  My love for you rises like the sun but you sink softly below the edges of the world. I am feeling alone as the rays kiss my skin. I curl up in a blanket of honeysuckle dripping from above and wait for your return. I feel the dew spinning … Continue reading Rest Upon My Heart

Night Whispers

She pulls the blankets around her, closes her eyes to get lost in the warmth. Whispers from the winter night easing inside her room. She reaches out for sleep to come, an elusive dance begins. Exhaustion sits on her eye lids but her mind wakes up in the silence of the moment. Her heart drops all walls as the moon climbs into the sky. The familiar cadency begins, pulsing out the words she keeps within. missing you residing void in my heart your missing laugh use to live there She swallows hard to suppress the feelings trying to crawl their way … Continue reading Night Whispers