Haibun Thinking

I remember a biting cold winter day when my mind was opened up and I was reborn into a logophile.   A five year old me became very ill and my father stayed by my side. He read me many stories and created tales just for us. When all of those efforts had been exhausted he left the room. Time ticked away and I was drifting off to sleep, he reappeared.  Sitting next to me, I noticed 3 beautiful books in his hands. He leaned close to me and whispered he was going to show me his abditory.

Kissing my forehead he spoke about how I held in my heart ribbons of orenda, that in time I would unravel and shareHe placed the three books in my lap and reinforced his belief that knowledge is power. Words are so strong that if even one is used with a certain tone it can provoke wars. When spoken with love it can heal another soul. They can be used as weapons that will strike a blow more fierce than the hand. Also, they can be used perfectly as kisses falling upon a heart.

When one learns the written powers, you can also use them to travel. Your body may be rooted in the mountains but your mind can take you soaring as your eyes take in the beauty of gumusservi in another land. You will also be able to ask someone if they truly appreciate the feuillemort during the autumn season.

He opened the book and before me I was enveloped into an embrace of words, meanings and descriptions that came to life in my mind. We would pick a word and create a story or just a simple sentence. Together we took a journey where we tip-toed across the lexicon before us.

Sleep once more crept into my eyes and no imagery would allow me to keep them open. I could hear my dad’s voice as he reminded me to recall the words in my dreams. Would you rather enjoy the smell of rain hitting the dry earth or be caught up a the sweet petrichor moments in nature?

be a world traveler
take flight on feathery words
open a book

open a book
caress with fingers get lost
shelter from any storm

shelter from any storm
push out positivism
power used for love

power used for love
bringing people together
with knowledge of words


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