My eyes turn from your gaze and I know it is to hide my shame. Please do not look too close, for you will see what truly resides in my heart. A fevered glow of embers burn deep inside me and no amount of tears will extinguish them. You reach for my hand and I pull back my scorched fingers. Your loving touch pains me for I have painted with fire and those scars still remain.

You lay your hand upon my branded heart that forever carries the pain I caused you. You lean in close as your lips brush against my ear and whisper words wrapped in soft absolution. Regretful tears pull down my face and I collapse into your arms as I am consumed by the memories. I utter sorry but it floats away as if not enough for all I have done.

forgiveness ignites
scarred heart raw but still beating
love mollifies hurt


Written for Carpe Diem #375
Still enjoying our journey in Aleph

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