Always Dream

Nestled in a forest of cherry blossoms, a little girl sits besides a crystal blue lake.  Her tears fall into the water causing the petals to scatter. She noticed a school of koi swimming around with a small spotted one trailing behind. The girl leaned towards the water and the small koi swam up as if to greet her.

“My father use to tell me that if a koi swims up a waterfall, it will turn into a great dragon. I use to believe in those kinds of dreams until I lost both my parents.”

The koi looked into her sad eyes as she continued to speak.

“It is still nice to wonder about the ones who make it.”

Just then a frail older woman walked up to the girl.

“Goodbye little koi.”

A sense of determination over came his little body and he swam feverishly towards the place the streams pours into the lake. The other koi gathered silently hoping he would succeed.He kept going as the bubbles from the waterfall came into sight.  He caught a ledge for a second and would jump again. He fell back into the water but he didn’t give up. He climbed again and again until over the waterfall he went soaring through the skies. He was no longer a koi but a dragon whose red, green and gold scales dazzled in the light.

He flew high up in the air and went searching for the little girl. His eyes scanned the area below and he found her napping under a tree. He landed quietly behind her waiting for her eyes to open. She stirred and she jumped up and ran over to the dragon.

“You did it little koi!”

He nuzzled her and she laughed. She climbed upon his back and together they flew through the clouds. Eventually he returned her back to her home where he stayed with her for years to come.

“Dragon, do you think one day you can fly me up to heaven so I can see my parents one more time?”

The same look of determination filled his eyes and she knew he would try.


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