Waiting to Exhale

She stares out the window watching the pure snow gently fall to the ground. When she exhales, her warmth clouds the view. Her fingertips brush over the pane causing her to pause. Tears begin to fall as she clears the view from her heart. The bitter cold rushes through her fingers and allows the bleakness to fill her.

Winds of hopelessness stir up inside. She wraps her arms around herself seeking comfort. Chilling sadness works quickly and as it kisses her heart, the frost bite sets in. Damage has been done and love begins to succumb to the frigid truth. Her hands linger over her chest as the pain becomes intolerable.

She pushes the door open and stumbles outside. Her internal suffering causes her to go to her knees. Looking up to the sky pleading for it all to end, she longs to go back to a happier time. Winter wraps a blanket around her as she lays down upon the drift. Her thoughts go back to a period of snow angels and when they first met. She smiles recalling his warm kisses on her lips and for a moment she thinks she hears him calling her name.

Closing her eyes so she can get caught up in his warm embrace. Their cheeks brush and the smell of alcohol sweeps around her. The present is spoiling her dreams of the past. Her eyes open and he is next to her but no smile could light up his grey eyes. He tries to pick her up but his own unsteadiness makes it difficult. She wants to push him away but her body is too numb and won’t respond.  Her eyes look past him and start to follow the dancing snowflakes in the sky.

exhaling last breath
frozen in time of true love
no longer alone


Written for Haibun Thinking

Prompt I used was a passage from a Robert Burn poem…
Gathering her brows like gathering storm, Nursing her wrath to keep it warm

4 thoughts on “Waiting to Exhale

  1. I really like this. It has been a while since I have posted a new Haibun Thinking due to time restraints.

    Thank you for reminding me it was there. I may be able to start it up again at some point in the next year 🙂


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