Rest My Love

Glimmers of understanding,
Dangle ever so tantalizing before me,
Clouds roll over and whisper,
Deviate to form my new reality.

Wanting to take away his nightmares,
And fear of falling to sleep,
“I will comfort away all worries,
Keeping you safe as you dream,” I whispered.

He lies brokenly across the sheets,
Starlight dance in his sleepy eyes,
Hand moves with grace, he reaches out,
Feels the twirling beats of my heart.

I stir in the moment of gazing,
He brushes his hand over my face,
Moving my hair away from my closed eyes,
Causing me to catch my breathe.

With hushed tones he calls my name,
In the darkness he wraps me up,
“My beautiful angel, so fragile,” he sighs,
As I fully expose myself.

I serenade him,
“Open yourself to me,
Let love and desire devour us,
While you lie here so peacefully.”

Lithe sheets cling to me,
Collecting my form for themselves,
Caressing every slow sensual curve,
And plunging longingly into the delves.

Corrupted like calm water by a profane moon,
My heart ebbs and flows like the tides,
New passions wash over me,
Immersed in this love and this pride.

Tracing with my fingers, they’re trembling,
Seeking to enhance and explore,
You murmur a sensual response sleepily,
You know it is you I adore.

Heart flutters as fingers are racing,
Sweeping over your bare skin,
Tender and intense hot kisses,
Dance naked to lure desire in.

Eagerly hoping for a miracle,
As your vulnerable nature stirs,
I whisper, “I love you,” in the dark,
He smiles with his eyes and concurs.

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