Every Princess Needs a Sword

Artwork created by me -made especially for my friend, The Professor …and Princess Sophia paced back and forth in the tower.  She could hear the fiery breath of the dragon who stood guard outside the door. She sat down crying … Continue reading Every Princess Needs a Sword

and She Waits…Come What May

“How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world……” I love singing that song especially now. The words use to be just something I sang in the show each night, but now with him in my life it takes on real meaning. I sing it to him. Tonight was another successful show, although I couldn’t find him in he audience. Silly man probably ran late and couldn’t make it to his regular seat that I always have reserved just for him. He probably got so caught up writing a beautiful story or poem for me that he lost track of … Continue reading and She Waits…Come What May