Come Morning Light

Artwork by me 🙂 Wearily I walk through the night, while moonlight curls and caresses the stars. The wind chases me through the trees as I sit down and tend to my scars. Exhaustion weighs heavy on my shoulders but still sleep eludes me. Noisy silence permeates my mind as I try to quiet my thoughts. Resting my head in my hands,  holding back  tears – little fireflies soon become luminaries in the air, dancing, trying to make me smile. I hold out my hand and one lands tenderly on my finger and I often wonder, why would someone try … Continue reading Come Morning Light

Summer Love

The wind comes through the forest with his arms outstretched. His laughter stirs up the birds as he dances around the trees. He waits for her….the sweet morning breeze. She arrives from under the daisies and lets down her golden hair. He can hear her giggle as she tip-toes through embers of the dying fires. The wind can smell her sweet aroma  teasing him to come and see what she has found. With such force he comes to a clearing and stops as he sees the delightful breeze touching the skin of a man asleep in the lush grass. He … Continue reading Summer Love