Color of Love

While My Guitar Gently Weeps floats upon the summer air, drifting in from the open window. She looks to the left and sees her father humming along. “Daddy,” his little girl asked one day, “what color is love?” Being a thoughtful … Continue reading Color of Love

Memory Tidings

Looking out of the window to watch the snow waltzing against the obsidian sky, my warm breath fogs up the pane. My eyes focus on the reflection of myself. Time whispers in my ear reminding me of all the changes and recalling who is not here.  My fingers push the fog away as I notice something moving outside. My heart quickens as I make for the door to catch the little one running around in the snow. As I step into the darkness, the moon pours a path for my feet to step upon. My movement breaks the calm but … Continue reading Memory Tidings

Come Walk With Me

Dedicated to my dad who made my life full of magic and taught me the love of nature. “Come daddy, come”, she gleefully shouted and reached up for his hand. Her small fingers intertwined with his and she leaned forward trying to make him walk faster. She didn’t want to miss fairies. “Sweetie we can stop right here. Listen….what do you hear?” She stopped, put her hands over her eyes and spun around. She could hear the wind dancing with the brittle autumn leaves. She felt the snap of twigs under her feet. Close by the water was singing as … Continue reading Come Walk With Me