Not Another Lonely Nightmare

As I wake in the middle of the night, I try quickly to shut my eyes and drift back to sleep. I do not want it to feel me, because night time is its favorite occasion to come. Before I can crawl back into a sleeping slumbers arms, I can feel its presence. Its phantom of fear, cries and loneliness as it whispers through the darkness, “remember…..” I immediately pull the blankets up over my head and try to avoid that familiar, haunting sound. Trying with all I have to keep out the images, feelings of then behind, so it doesn’t taint my present worries. Like a … Continue reading Not Another Lonely Nightmare

Morning Glory

The wind chimes through the trees and the delicate dew drops dance upon her lips as if the morning was kissing her. “Wake up.” nature whispers as the clouds begin to break and sunbeams poured sublime colors across her skin. Her feet pointed, back arched and her hands reached to the heavens. Her delicate fingers move as if conducting a symphony.She gets  caught up in the sweet, haunting melody- she finally sits up and opens her eyes. The dazzling light spins around her and the breeze picks her up and she lands….en pointe. So light she she poses like a … Continue reading Morning Glory

Summer Love

The wind comes through the forest with his arms outstretched. His laughter stirs up the birds as he dances around the trees. He waits for her….the sweet morning breeze. She arrives from under the daisies and lets down her golden hair. He can hear her giggle as she tip-toes through embers of the dying fires. The wind can smell her sweet aroma  teasing him to come and see what she has found. With such force he comes to a clearing and stops as he sees the delightful breeze touching the skin of a man asleep in the lush grass. He … Continue reading Summer Love