Deja Vu

I walked along in a dream and touched the flowers I had never seen. Their aroma washed over me and I was swept along to a place that seemed familiar. My journeys have never brought me to this part of the world and yet I feel at home. I allow the warmth to embrace me and songs of the birds fill my heart. Each sweet bell rings and releases thousand of memories. I pull each note down and upon it rides an image. Different reflections looking back at me. Could they each truly be me? hourglass of time dancing across … Continue reading Deja Vu


“I am so sleepy today.” “But you were sleepy yesterday as well.” “I know.” ******* She looks out the window while waiting for her tea to cool. She turns to set it down and then decides to climb back into bed. She pulls the blankets over her head to shut out the sounds. A battle between longing to be around others and yet the desire to be left alone. Tears fall from her eyes and stain the pillow. Eventually she falls to sleep and escapes reality. ******* Today she steps outside onto her balcony and the sun kisses her pale … Continue reading Sadness