My Journey Begins

just like in her dream on the back of a turtle her journey begins ********** Written for Carpe Diem #363 – Aleph, The Journey Begins I absolutely love Paulo Coelho and been inspired by so much he has written. I saw this prompt and remembered my dream last night in which I was surrounded by so many turtles oh and one alligator. In dreams the turtle often represents wisdom, longevity, wisdom and loyalty so who better to go along on a self journey. Oh..alligators tend to symbolize treachery, deceit and hidden agendas. This could get very interesting…. Continue reading My Journey Begins


folding perfection sought inspirational cranes go within, find peace to bring forth calming wishes leap from each fold hope lives in the creases eyes closed while lost in devotion praying ******************************************************** My first attempt writing for Carpe Diem I was forced (okay it was nicely suggested) by Jeremy to do this piece. I am not good at following rules but I tried my best at this prompt. Be kind if I got it wrong. The prompt… i understood it; Write a Cinquian what is that you ask? I know I did….here is the explanation At its most basic level, ‘cinquain’ simply … Continue reading Tranquility

In Between

copywrite Suzanne As the evening skies roll in, I find myself in an old familiar spot….in between. Tossing, turning, trying to steady my erratic heart. It beats, skips and jumps against it’s cage. Fear has reached inside causing it to want to escape and find another place to hide. Rolling over to my back because I can’t seem to catch my breath. No matter how I inhale or exhale, my lungs feel constricted like they are drowning in air. A heavy burden has crept out of my mind and resting on top of me. I place my hands upon my … Continue reading In Between