Come Walk With Me

Dedicated to my dad who made my life full of magic and taught me the love of nature. “Come daddy, come”, she gleefully shouted and reached up for his hand. Her small fingers intertwined with his and she leaned forward trying to make him walk faster. She didn’t want to miss fairies. “Sweetie we can stop right here. Listen….what do you hear?” She stopped, put her hands over her eyes and spun around. She could hear the wind dancing with the brittle autumn leaves. She felt the snap of twigs under her feet. Close by the water was singing as … Continue reading Come Walk With Me

All You Need is Love….is it?

One hand on the steering wheel, the other fumbling around with her playlist. Beatles. She hit shuffle. A smile crept across her face as the familiar tune streamed out of her speakers. “All you need is love…….all you need is love…..all you need is love….love….love is all you need” She begins tapping along with the beat and singing the words. Her smile  brightens as she thinks of her father. She feels the images of her childhood unfurl and jumps back into time. She finds herself back in the body of her 8 year old self who is sitting next to … Continue reading All You Need is Love….is it?