Forlorn Soul

Admonished girl curled on the ground Longing to say something of consequence She wonders if reality exists While wrapped in a cloak of silt The aftertaste of grief lingers on her tongue Laughing at the myth of entropy invented by a sadist. Broken … Continue reading Forlorn Soul

Rest Upon My Heart

I reach up and paint the sunshine along the horizon. With each brush stroke I feel your shadow stretching until it caresses my heart. I turn and watch the light dance across the ground as you and I draw farther apart. As I walk towards you I feel you pull back.  My love for you rises like the sun but you sink softly below the edges of the world. I am feeling alone as the rays kiss my skin. I curl up in a blanket of honeysuckle dripping from above and wait for your return. I feel the dew spinning … Continue reading Rest Upon My Heart