Dancing Laughter

He reached out his hand to me and I took it without hesitation. As I looked into his eyes, my heart steadied with the rhythm of the train. I sat back down and my eyes glanced out the window and I could see the moon had thrown her blanket over the world. I must have fallen asleep but the dream was still fresh in my mind. Still looking out the window, I could see the stars casting their reflection upon the water. My heart fluttered like the wings of a hummingbird as I saw the pearl gliding through the darkness. … Continue reading Dancing Laughter

Memory Tidings

Looking out of the window to watch the snow waltzing against the obsidian sky, my warm breath fogs up the pane. My eyes focus on the reflection of myself. Time whispers in my ear reminding me of all the changes and recalling who is not here.  My fingers push the fog away as I notice something moving outside. My heart quickens as I make for the door to catch the little one running around in the snow. As I step into the darkness, the moon pours a path for my feet to step upon. My movement breaks the calm but … Continue reading Memory Tidings

In Between

copywrite Suzanne As the evening skies roll in, I find myself in an old familiar spot….in between. Tossing, turning, trying to steady my erratic heart. It beats, skips and jumps against it’s cage. Fear has reached inside causing it to want to escape and find another place to hide. Rolling over to my back because I can’t seem to catch my breath. No matter how I inhale or exhale, my lungs feel constricted like they are drowning in air. A heavy burden has crept out of my mind and resting on top of me. I place my hands upon my … Continue reading In Between

Come Morning Light

Artwork by me 🙂 Wearily I walk through the night, while moonlight curls and caresses the stars. The wind chases me through the trees as I sit down and tend to my scars. Exhaustion weighs heavy on my shoulders but still sleep eludes me. Noisy silence permeates my mind as I try to quiet my thoughts. Resting my head in my hands,  holding back  tears – little fireflies soon become luminaries in the air, dancing, trying to make me smile. I hold out my hand and one lands tenderly on my finger and I often wonder, why would someone try … Continue reading Come Morning Light