Hands Through Time

You are next to me bathing in the moonbeams.The backs of our hands touch causing a flicker in the emulsified room. A whirlwind of crimson flames embrace us, as our souls draw nearer. Whispered thoughts and sighs from the past slip in my ear telling me of days gone by. I sit up as my body stays next to yours. I watch over us and take my finger and scroll through our past. I draw in the images of us so long ago wrapped up in one another’s arms. Smiling as I see time and time again we find each … Continue reading Hands Through Time

Time Stands Still

tic…toc…tic…toc…My heart keeps beat as the hands of time surround me. I sit as the universe spins around me, I reach out to let my fingers twirl the memory ribbons. I pull out a moment from the streaks of color that have created my life up until now. I dangle a sliver of time before my eyes. It spins between my fingers and I can see myself when I was young. Running, dancing under the willows that dropped delicate kisses upon my head. I drape it around my neck and allow it to fall close to my heart. I raise … Continue reading Time Stands Still

Night Whispers

She pulls the blankets around her, closes her eyes to get lost in the warmth. Whispers from the winter night easing inside her room. She reaches out for sleep to come, an elusive dance begins. Exhaustion sits on her eye lids but her mind wakes up in the silence of the moment. Her heart drops all walls as the moon climbs into the sky. The familiar cadency begins, pulsing out the words she keeps within. missing you residing void in my heart your missing laugh use to live there She swallows hard to suppress the feelings trying to crawl their way … Continue reading Night Whispers