Haibun Thinking

I remember a biting cold winter day when my mind was opened up and I was reborn into a logophile.   A five year old me became very ill and my father stayed by my side. He read me many stories and created tales just for us. When all of those efforts had been exhausted he left the room. Time ticked away and I was drifting off to sleep, he reappeared.  Sitting next to me, I noticed 3 beautiful books in his hands. He leaned close to me and whispered he was going to show me his abditory. Kissing my … Continue reading Haibun Thinking

Deja Vu

I walked along in a dream and touched the flowers I had never seen. Their aroma washed over me and I was swept along to a place that seemed familiar. My journeys have never brought me to this part of the world and yet I feel at home. I allow the warmth to embrace me and songs of the birds fill my heart. Each sweet bell rings and releases thousand of memories. I pull each note down and upon it rides an image. Different reflections looking back at me. Could they each truly be me? hourglass of time dancing across … Continue reading Deja Vu


My eyes turn from your gaze and I know it is to hide my shame. Please do not look too close, for you will see what truly resides in my heart. A fevered glow of embers burn deep inside me and no amount of tears will extinguish them. You reach for my hand and I pull back my scorched fingers. Your loving touch pains me for I have painted with fire and those scars still remain. You lay your hand upon my branded heart that forever carries the pain I caused you. You lean in close as your lips brush … Continue reading Enkindle


Here we are again. What do you see? Dip your heart into the ocean that resides in my eyes. Inhale my desire before you dive further in the depths of my soul. Cradle my heart and feel it once more dance in sync with yours. The rhythm draws us close. I surrender myself to your hands as you pull me close and let me be your violin. Pour yourself into me and open me up so I may sing. Stroke me into a song as your fingers shape my aural. Close your eyes as the notes dance across your body. … Continue reading Tremolo