Gently, I placed the delicate leaf between by fingers and caressed its essence to dance upon my skin. The dapple light runs through the trees above then landed upon us in our sanctuary. As if the fairies themselves grabbed ahold of me and twirled me to where you stood studying the flora that seem to curtsey before you. Laughter rose from within but I kept it curled behind my lips. I could see the facts and information embrace your mind in a moment of contemplation. I slipped my arms around you and laid my head upon your back and for a moment your familiar scent rose above all that enveloped us. I inhaled you deeply while you relaxed into my embrace.

I tip-toed so I could bury my nose upon your neck as I reached my fingers around so you could get lost in the fragrance I coaxed from the lemon scented frond. You did not expect such a lovely perfumed invitation and I let go of you to search out more. I offered you gifts not of monetary value but of a full sensory experience to awaken your sense of smell, the tickling of fairies dancing upon your fingertips, the music of the highland winds rushing through the tree calling to us, and the taste of my love upon your lips.

Once I heard that the tread of time is so ruthless that it tramples even the kings under its feet, but as we stood where many Kings have lived and died, I did not believe it to be so. For us, in our garden chancel in the shadows of the castle, time seemed to stand still. In between the pauses of our heartbeats I could feel the presence of those who came before. My heart smiled from within as we kissed and I knew we have stood here before in another time, in another life.

For us, time is woven into the red thread that binds us.


This was written and inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix. This week the focus was on PERSONIFICATION and to use the statement “the tread of time is so ruthless that it tramples even the kings under its feet”.

I have not written in AGES and sought out my dear friend’s writing site to jump back in.



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