Scotland With Indiebell

A beautiful poem by my Scotsman.

Scotland Rocks Project of Positivity

No room for stammers,

Like a sledgehammer, it strikes and buries feelings long felt, now with foundations.

Driving with one eye on the speed,

One eye on your leg, I reach over and feel myself drift away, lost.

A castle, not overthrown for many a century.

It becomes ours within minutes,we both wish to go further.

Bright lights, loud noises, a festival of colour and beauty.

I could spend hours in your beautiful sanctum.

Proud creatures stand tall,

As one old horse teaches us the meaning of the water that slides below.

A garden so loved, yet still overlooked.

The highlight of many cuddles, the smell of love, lust and lemons.

One horned and one regal,

The capturing of a mood, one that will linger ereforth.

To giants, and knights and “flesh wounds”

Or to the potential salmon wriggling free by our intrusion.

A petroleum spill, made real in rock.

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