Celestial Love

1930's Tarot Card Deck-Moon- ( Museum Stuff )

She glanced up at the sliver of moon that dangled above. She reached up as her finger pulled the onyx sky this way and that. The moon peeked down at her.

“Would it be okay if I loved him?”

The moon sighed star dust that settled upon her skin. Listening to her whispers then  returning words that drifted gently like snow flakes upon brittle air. They settled into her arms waiting to be understood.

“You may love anyone you want, but he is special to me. I often dance across the sky to his music and get lost in his words. I need to know how will you love him?”

The words twinkled like a star and slowly one by one they dropped into her lap where she gathered them. As she held them close she knew to be honest because one can never lie to the moon.

“I will love him with open eyes and melting heart.
I will love him with every breath within my body.
The depths of my love run deeper than the oceans and brighter than any star.
I will love him with everything I have and offer anything he needs.”

“How long will you love him?”

“That is a trick question.
You know I have loved him from the beginning of time.
When celestial bodies danced and crashed together so fiercely, our love was a spark.
It has traveled distances no person can comprehend and waited patiently.
My love knows no end.
Even when we are just souls in the heavens, he will still be the only one for me.
We are created from the same cosmic dust.
My love will continue until my breath is the wind brushing along a mountain side and his voice is the crashing waves upon the shores.
I will love him forevermore.”

She spoke the words with so much strength that when she was done, she curled upon the moonbeams that caressed her bed. Sleep had laid upon her eyes and sung a lullaby to her heart. As she drifted off to meet him in her dreams, she breathed,
“I will love him to the moon and back.”

The moon caught her words and tied them to a star that danced across the sky.

It was then he saw the falling star and closed his eyes. His lifted up his heart to be carried to hers. It was then he knew he loved her…still.
For My Scotsman 

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