Ink Stains

Do not fall in love with a poet…
She will speak in metaphors and drift between syllables.
More is revealed when she cries except there are no tears
Just drops of ink running to describe her faults.
She has many…

She speaks in riddles and expects you to comprehend…
When asked her favorite flavor of ice cream
She will twirl while giggling that it is Nevermore.
Ask her favorite color and she will whisper
strawberry, of course…

However, if she loves you she will step out behind her words
And as she tip-toes out from the pages of her heart
She removes her skin and reveals her vulnerable side.
Tread carefully…

Her eyes will shine as she kisses your skin
And proclaim it as her sky
And your eyes, her sun
If you call her beautiful she will not be satisfied.
She wants so much more…

She wants to bring light to your darkness
Breathe enlightenment into your mouth
Fill your lungs with hope
Simply put, she wants to be loved in return…

Her lexicon soul prefers a simple iris to roses,
She will long for cherries over chocolates,
Running barefoot in the spring in her sundress
Instead of candlelight dinners…

She believes that love will conquer all
Until it doesn’t and that is when she will fall.
When she offers her fragile heart
Place it safely next to yours for it fears being alone.
She fears being forgotten…

When she hurts she will slip back into the lines
Of the yellowed pages of her life.
She pulls the blanket of sounds and images
So no one mistakes the ink for tears…

Simply written she just wants
to love and be loved in return.
No demand of slaying dragons or conquering nations
She just needs love…




6 thoughts on “Ink Stains

  1. One thing that stood out for me in this poem Anja is the reminder that being in love and loving is about the responsibility both have to be lovers who give as much as receive. I thought you spelt that out so well. Lovely hearing your heart speak so loudly and clearly..


    1. Two people are involved so both need to be active in participating. It cannot be one person. As you know from the past, I only know how to speak from my heart.

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