Dragonfly Dance

I begin and end with stories
where hummingbirds hearts play sonatas
inside of my cage of ribs.
I reach down as the wings of a dragonfly
kiss my collarbone and bring my thoughts to you.

Your fingers trace the path of the dragonfly
as your whispered I love yous envelope my body
and soul in a warm embrace.

I  close my eyes tight as to avoid drowning in the morning light.
I am the girl that sinks into the sea of amber and gold
like a rusted anchor chained to a ship.

Before too long I cough up the butterflies
that dance inside when I am with you.
They twirl and dance within the rays of the sun
that try and steal my dreams.

Once more the dragonfly returns
and dances through the strands of my hair
like your fingers when my head rests upon your heart.

My lips caress your skin with poems
written in between the syllables of your breathe
all inspired by my love for you.

and I begin and end with stories
where I swallow the universe until all that is left
is the two of us.

I hold it like an atlas
and support Jupiter with my finger
while chasing comets during the night
cupping them in my hand like fireflies.

Warmth falls across my face
like the touch of your hand
but once again I try not to wake.

For when I do you will leave my side
and the feelings of longing drip across my heart
as it only beats for you.

Once more I dip my pen in the onyx dreams
and spill my feelings for you
across the lines made up of your promises .

Until I am in your arms again
just know I am waiting


Each day begins and each night draws to a close
filled with thoughts of you.

my love


my gift to you

6 thoughts on “Dragonfly Dance

  1. Kapow!
    A blow to the heart, a kick to the solar plexus, a magical tour de force that leaves the reader breathless and on the brink of tears.
    This is wonderful, Anja, as good as anything I have seen from you.


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