May I Sit Awhile

If you do not mind
May I sit here for awhile
I promise not to get too close
I won’t make a sound.

I see you withdraw
Do  you feel invisible to the world
Always know that no matter what
I see you.

While I wait for your return
I write down words on paper
My love scratches across the lines
To pass to you when the time is right.

When the shower of loneliness pours down
I will shield you with an umbrella
For as long as it takes
I will lessen the drops that fall

If frigid fear comes
I will wrap my arms around you from behind
With your head bowed low
I will lay mine upon you and take the cold.

The times that the claws of rage grab your heart
I lift my shield
Ready for the sting of your words
They will be deflected by my devotion.

Whether it lasts moments or days
I will still be here sitting
Waiting for your return
Ready to embrace you once more.

I will never know
The strength it takes for you to wake each day
Just know
I offer thanks that you do.

I do not pretend to know how it feels
But I listen and continue to learn
How best to help
And love you too.

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