You could always find her blowing dandelions as they carried pieces of her heart upon the breeze. Even after forty-three years, her eye lit up with the possibility of hope. She often whispered the word just to feel the heaviness upon her lips. It grounded her heart and gave her something to hold on to. Until today….

Today she walked along the path she had done many times before.The fine lines around her eyes would form as she smiled at the joy exuding from her heart, but not today.Instead her eyes were trying to stop the tears from falling. She recalled his words and the promises of what would be, but now….there is only silence. As the cool wind danced around her, she pulled her arms closer to shield her body and heart from the chill. This is not what she expected.

She looked up towards the sky and noticed the first star was beginning to glimmer. A smile drew across her face as she began to whisper something but then quickly stopped. She inhaled the wish back inside and tucked it behind her heart, once more. No more time for the childish game.

Instead, she turned around and went back to her home. Her refuge like other times. Darkness had poured into the four walls of her room but that did not matter. Climbing into bed she took a familiar position and finally allowed the tears to fall. She opened her eyes to see the face of the clock beside her. She reached over and turned it down because tonight. 11:11 had lost all of its magic.

silence brings in fear
dreams were only a mirage
alone as always

alone as always
empty promises hurt most
from someone you love


trying to brush up on my haibun skills with cascading haiku.

13 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. Beautiful Anja, you have that delightful lyrical nature about your words…the feeling of a broken heart so clearly established and I couldn’t help but feel the pain you were describing…..and I love the notion of a cascading haiku…


  2. Hi Anja, Thank you for sharing your short story out definitely feel the pain through your words. Break ups can be hauntingly heartful. Just one suggestion one that I’m guilty of so I understand. You changed your tenses a few times. Other then that your story is very good and engaging.


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