Shooting Stars

once upon a time…
there was a girl

She lifted her hands to touch the sky
with a leap of faith she tip-toed on top of the trees
she bathed in the warming rays of the sun
but longed for more

her eyes gazed further up
a smile pulled across her face
she never danced along the milky way
she yearned to trap the stars in her hair

she grabbed the comets tail
living her days beside the moons and planets
surrounded by stars that were only eclipsed by her smile
maybe she was just waiting

once upon another time…..
there was a boy

his feet firmly planted on the ground
a light from above caught his eye
a long forgotten feeling curled up inside of him
without a thought, his hands were reaching for the resplendent show

he always appeared when needed
but was afraid to take the leap
instead he reached out his hand
grabbed tightly as he felt the light pass between his fingers

he longed to pulled her down to earth
to a place where rich soil permeates the air
it gives birth to delicate, colorful petals
that dot the landscape of his world

with that touch
it happened

big bangs and meteor showers
intangled within one another
dancing over the plains and through the air
the stopping of hearts and racing of minds


unsure of what she felt
she peeked down through the clouds
her eyes never cast on the earth but preferred gazing at the stars

that is when she saw him
it wasn’t destined to happen but he leaped
he flew past her and she needed a better view.

she followed him down, down, down
to the ground
as she got close to him
his presence taught her heart to smile

he felt her near him
her smile stroked his heart
her light touched the darkest recesses of his heart
it was then he fell just to catch her

as they intertwined and descended together
he made her feel safe and sound
but sometimes he thought that he wasn’t enough
he fumbled trying to keep her secure in his love

maybe she liked watching him stumble
she desired to life him up
like the way he pulled her down

if she could she would tell him:

“darling, shoot for the moon.
even if you do not land on her,
you will still be dancing among the stars”

but she won’t tell him
he was already a shooting star

there are stars
in human form

she will shine on forever
as he will ignite her


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