Forlorn Soul

Admonished girl curled on the ground
Longing to say something of consequence
She wonders if reality exists
While wrapped in a cloak of silt
The aftertaste of grief lingers on her tongue
Laughing at the myth of entropy invented by a sadist.

Broken girl with a splayed soul
He whispers she is irrelevant
Rigid words slither inside and adhere
To the fragile filament of hope
Strangles until it pulsates no more
She smiles because she lost that long ago.

Forlorn girl trapped between love and apathy
Painting upon the backs of her eyes
Broken smile at boy with turmeric hair
Smell of tobacco permeates her reverie
He hisses into her ear
“you were never of relevance”

Moribund girl smiles

Written for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie Wordle
We were given 12 words to choose at least 10 and create.
This was our list of words; Rigid, Turmeric, Silt, Entropy, Tobacco,  Lymph,  Aftertaste, Pulsate,  Admonish,  Filament, Skinflint,  Adhesion

3 thoughts on “Forlorn Soul

  1. Great use of the words Anja, the image of being cloaked in silt is very evocative….I also found the notion of being trapped between love and apathy a rather sad place to be… would hope love might win out on that score……best wishes for your new year…


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