You Walk This Way

artwork by me

artwork by me

I stood outside in the rain today.

While under the drumming of the drops, from across the ocean I swear I could hear you crying. It caused me to stop and for a second, I felt complete.

In that moment let us pretend you didn’t break my heart. Instead I will try and bandage my wounds and find that fake smile you left behind.

Now let’s pretend I am happy standing outside and these are truly raindrops, not my own tears. I will use water colors on the sidewalk to write every excuse I have. Then as the rain clouds disappear, I will realize I am just talking to the sky.

I believe I am running out of words.

I brought out all of my poetry books and ripped them apart page by page. I dropped them in the ocean just to  watch them float away.

My chest felt heavy as the ink stretched across the paper  and the words lost their original form. I could only remember one line from them all.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” *

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