Words Not Needed

A kiss is a lovely trick by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous ~ Ingrid Bergman


Artwork by me

I lay here as the cool night air skims across my skin and I  grab onto the sheets to ease my restlessness. I point my toes and drag them across the bed bringing them closer, arching my back as my fingers reach to find it…pulling it closer as I wrap the silky red ribbon around my finger. I bring it to my lips in hopes you can feel me.

I grasp it with my hand and pull myself up and with a flick of my wrist I send it rippling in the air. I leap up and as it twirls, I move with the ribbon. I pull it up and it falls and circles around to hug the curves of my body. I spin and pull it above my head once more as I close my eyes and see you at the other end….our hearts connected.

Then it begins….you pull the red silk that binds us together. Before I know it I am in your arms, our bodies and ribbon intertwined. Looking into your eyes, we move as one. The sensation of our flesh pressed against one another is breath taking. Your hands grab my waist and lift me up as I wrap my legs around you. I ease my head back to expose my neck and feel your breath whispering words along my skin.

I lean back as your hands move along my back…the ribbon slowly drops between us. You lift me back up and the red binds us closer once more. I feel you wanting to say more to me but I place my finger on your mouth.


Our lips touch, tongues move together and new feelings take over.

silenced by a kiss
red thread will bind
two hearts meant to be

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