Whispered Unrequited Love



Sorrowful words painted on macabre skeletons
Swept open the curtains of my heart
Releasing the tear stained butterflies
Encased within my ribcage

The raindrops we once dreamt of dancing between
Now batter the delicate wings
Of the carriers of my messages
From my heart to yours

I play back in my mind what no one else could see
Things I had done, said and believed
Caught up on in web of depression and hurt
Escape was the only chance of survival

Screaming silent words of remorse
Quickly followed by written truths
Every I love you whispered in my winged dreams
Hopeful they were carried to you

As nightfall arrives a dark blanket of reality comes
The response from a pigeon dove to my heart
Never arrives from you
Even though that is expected, I still carry hope inside.

The stars watch over me as I pour my dreams into my pen
Four hundred fifty-six letters fluttering in the night air
As ink drips with grace from the heart-shaped well
Beautiful spills turn into nothingness

Sitting now catching lost loves tears in my hands
Pull out another sheet of paper
Again a letter will be written and forever unsent
A tiny flicker of hope remains

Maybe one day I will receive a letter of forgiveness from you


Written for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie writing prompt

Today’s prompt is the beautiful picture above.

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