What If

Artwork by me...Anja

Artwork by me…Anja

What if….

I fell into you now

Would you allow me to press myself deep into your shoulder

Be the shelter my heart longs to find

Open your arms so I can nestle against your skin

Allow me to close my eyes and breathe you in

The top of my head slips under your chin

While my exhale dances across your collarbone

I want to feel your finger brush against my cheek

Softly lift my chin up and look into my eyes

What if….

I whispered

I love you

Would you let go and watch me fall

Pull away my blanket of security

Allow the ghosts of self-doubt to haunt me once more

When tears flow down my face

Will you turn away and leave


As I released those three words from my heart

Would you pull me closer

Let my head rest against your chest

Fingers pull through my hair

My tears flow from a place of surrender

Pulling back to look upon my face once more

Tell me you will love me


What if….


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