Once upon a time I often thought about your arms around me in an empty room lit by night lights like dreams…imagine that. Your breath was as gentle as raindrops and I will be the river in which they fall. I would always catch you tenderly,I promise. We wouldn’t make a sound, just like a captured wish upon the wind. We would tiptoe on lakes and watch the moonlight reflect our dance.

Sadly the waltz among the sunflowers slowed down like an autumn sunset. Drops did fall but they cascaded from my eyes and nothing was there to capture the descent. Deafening silence now screams so loudly that I can hear the void in my heart. One, two, three now swirls as you take another in your arms to lead as I succumb to being a wallflower in the dark.

I exhale forgiving whispers upon the seeds of a dandelion and bid  them to journey across the sea.

silence is too loud
rustling words drift upon the wind


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