Turned me Into Someone Else

She locked her heart up within her ribcage promising to protect it from any more harm. Scars have already been scorched into the chambers and left it barely beating. When it was last torn and left behind, she mended it with tears and time. She wasn’t as strong as others may believe.

At night she pulled out her journal to find something she had hidden away. Her fingers lovingly moved each page until she found a secret…her secret.

Once upon a time, when she was a little girl she believed in fairy tales. As she read the stories her images of princes, dragons and true love danced in her dreams. One night she reached inside and found a something guarded by a fairy. She picked up the fragile,pure treasure as the fairy told her to be gentle. Do not be too harsh, that is a wishbone. She was warned you can only use it once. As she woke up she kissed her gift and placed it in her journal. It was the safest place she knew because that is where she entrusted her words.

Time had passed as her eyes fell upon this almost forgotten gift, she wondered if now was the time. For a brief moment happiness had returned and she even freed her heart once more. To cover the wounds, she painted it with beautiful pictures and wrote stories of encouragement. Whispered words of trust were offered and slowly, she reached from the darkness to try and touch the light. She was happy again.

As she went to pick it up to make a special wish, she soon realized it was already broken. The magic  was gone. Just as she allowed herself to dance in the sunlight, it all came crashing down. Pain returned, laughter turned into tears and her heart leapt back into its cage. With her head bowed, feeling like a fool, she locked it back inside but this time without nurses the deep cuts.

Curling up, she did not have any stories to put her to sleep. The princes turned to toads and dragons took off with the gold. Truth is…fairy tales are just that….tales. Happily ever afters are just a cover because no one tells you what really happens. The Princess who finds love often discovers her Prince has moved onto another girl who is often just a mere peasant. Her glass slipper breaks because really, it wasn’t practical to begin with.

Just like a heart.

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