Together Forever


copyright Al Forbes

Sunlight danced around her as she closed her eyes and thought about him. A smile drew across her face as she recalled their last night together. Alone in a magical spot where they allowed their imaginations to play and look for fairies along the water.

She took his hand and spoke to him about returning home. She could tell he looked hurt but inside she laughed because she knew she had a surprise for him. She reached into her bag looking for his gift that would not only reveal that she would be returning but she had fallen in love with him.

Her smile fades as she is drawn back into the moments she was gasping for her life. She felt his once gentle hands pushing her into the water and holding her until she lost consciousness. Was this a cruel trick he had planned all along? He knew of her fear of water and now this….it felt like some twisted plot to one of his tales.

She opened her eyes as footsteps caught her attention. She recessed deeper into the water to see who was intruding in her world. She was stunned to see it was him.

She moved closer as he walked to the edge of the pond. His body looked heavy like it had been carrying a burden for too long. As he sat on the grass, he pulled out his book that she knew he kept all of his stories. She called out his name but the water silenced her words…she had to act.

She pulled her body through the water until she reached the shallow end. Slowly she stood up and started to walk towards him. His eyes looked up and he was startled as if he was seeing a ghost. As she moved closer she whispered, “Darling, you came back to me……”

Before she could say anything else, he collapsed to the ground. She lovingly sat down and placed his head in her lap. She stroked his face and began to laugh as the tiny fish returned, leaping into the air just like their last night together.

Her last words came back to her……I wonder if I have anything to feed them?

4 thoughts on “Together Forever

  1. Talent, imagination and a formidable memory.
    AnElephantCant help but be impressed by all three.
    Sweetly ghoulish tale.
    Or is it ghoulishly sweet?
    In either case it is excellent.
    Merry Christmas, Anja


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