The Flight


Sweet little butterfly, your love is gone. Too soon he was taken from you and now your delicate wings are heavy with grief. I reach out my hand but you pull away binding yourself in onyx threads of mourning. Your somber heart stills and you imprison yourself to walk.

With your eyes to the ground, you slowly move though life. You take solace in the thought that no one sees you and if you stay invisible long enough, maybe you will truly disappear. I follow your path so you are not alone even though you do not know I am near. When the rain fell, I sheltered you with my hands. If the wind tried to lift you up, I exhaled and forced it back. I set beauty in your path hoping to remind you of love but your eyes were so full of tears, you cannot see.

I set a beautiful stone on your trail that was big enough for you to notice but small enough to cause no harm. I watch as your tender foot kicks the stone and you stop. I wait, hoping I did not extinguish the tiny bit of spirit you had left. As I was about to let you know I was by your side, I saw your wings unfurl. You twirled, spun and danced as the sun glistened upon your body…

reminded of love
pain is worth the sacrifice
beauty born of grief

beauty born of grief
when one dies you are still alive
live and rejoice


Written for Carpe Diem #382

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