Summer Love

The wind comes through the forest with his arms outstretched. His laughter stirs up the birds as he dances around the trees. He waits for her….the sweet morning breeze. She arrives from under the daisies and lets down her golden hair. He can hear her giggle as she tip-toes through embers of the dying fires.

The wind can smell her sweet aroma  teasing him to come and see what she has found. With such force he comes to a clearing and stops as he sees the delightful breeze touching the skin of a man asleep in the lush grass. He drifts up from behind her , then pulls her in as their voices join in harmony to whisper words to wake the soul lying alone.

“Good morning our sleeping friend….the sunlight is calling your name. There is something dancing in the air today and begging for your waking thoughts to come and play.  We need you to lift up your head and see the all the colors that have grown around you.”

“Look, do you see her there? She is waiting in the meadow with the morning dew, wearing a crown of flowers and smiling patiently for you.”

The man slowly opens his eyes and looking for the sound of music that lifted the veil of sleep….instead, he sees her standing there taking in the beautiful sun. Memories come rushing back full of images of her….him….the night.Before he can say anything she turns around and sees him watching her. Her delicate hands caress her skin and rest on her soft stomach.

chasing the fern

during the midsummers eve

she now found it within

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