Searching For You


My days and nights seem to be blurring into one another. It is to the point I see darkness when my eyes are open and light when shut tight.  Intrusive noises have crept upon me and weigh heavy on my chest. I try to focus on the songs in the distance. I can see in my minds eye a dancing peacock who pulses his plume and thousands of butterflies take flight. Their dance in the evening sky resembles the glow of the aurora borealis. Magical and light yet powerful enough to command the attention of the moon up high.

I throw a red thread to lasso one of the butterflies. My body still remains on the train but my soul takes flight. My free hand pushes the stars and creates an evening chime, soothing lullaby for those below. My eyes fall to the river below and I see a reflection dancing through the moonlit watercolor. We watch each other and I feel as if I know her from another place, or yet, another time.

elusive mistress
sleeping with eyes wide open
please come back to me


Written for Carpe Diem #368
We are traveling with Paulo Coehlo through Perm

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