I pull down the veil of my dreams and press out shapes of stars during the darkest 
nights. Each perfectly formed as the next. Look closely and you will see the 
frayed edges. I hold them in my hand as one by one they slip away. Each delicate 
star is burdened with the same wish night after night.

My toes grip the edge to watch them disappear. If only I was brave enough to 

Your words fall upon my skin as the sun rises and warms me once more. Each 
syllable kisses my wounds which makes it harder to bare.  
"Come back in, my love" grasps my heart. I look over my shoulder and your eyes do 
not reflect your words. I see the exhaustion painted across your face. 
The darkness drip shadows under your sunken eyes. You call me back but I know if 
I step off, it will all be over and you would be free.

I hang my head as sorrow anchors me. I step back from the edge and walk into 
your arms. Tears fall as I whisper sorry into your shoulder. You stroke my hair to
tell me it's okay, but we both know it's not. You take me back inside and put me 
back to bed.

"I'm sorry",I sigh while my eyes stare at the empty wall.

"For what?"

I wrap a blanket around me.

"For failing...again."

I drift to sleep.
I pull down more veiled dreams.
Once again, I press out stars.


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