I close my eyes and let the rhythm of the drums rise up from my feet and consume my body. My left foot moves to the beat and soon the right one follows. I hear the wind instruments drift along wings of a butterfly and twirl around me. Soon I move in a circle allowing the song to carry me.

I feel the presence of more wolf clan as the sounds of our feet and shifting of our clothes call out in unison. Then the voices echo in the night and we can hear our ancestors singing along. Our souls leap towards the sky and dance between the stars. Many wolves become one as the tales of those who lived long before center our thoughts to now.

My eyes are wide and I see streams of red weaving in between us, strengthening our bonds. We share the same blood, energy and history. Look into each of our eyes and the wolf will be staring back at you. As the dance slows, my heart weeps not wanting to let go of the hands that reach out through time.

I am Ahyoka
tears dance with wind voices fade
my spirit soaring

we come from the wolf
red of our blood binds us all
strength in our numbers

story keeper
healer leader woman of strength
I am Ahyoka


Written for Carpe Diem #381

Where we are on this journey in Aleph, it deals with a shaman and ancient rituals….
this inspired to share my own Native Heritage.

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