I walk slowly though this place of sanctuary. Each step I take echoes, carrying the whispered prayers of those who came before me. When I stand still I feel a breeze of pain and sadness that twists around my spine and it’s frigid cries consume my heart. I turn to escape the anguish that weighs heavy on me but before I can go, there he is. The silent cacophony between us reverberates throughout the basilica. I think he knows…

I leave the cathedral and walk with the people. My hand outstretched begging for whatever they can give my weary soul. Eyes offer me unheard prayers, warm hands offer me love but I feel as if what I am searching for no one can give. Tilting my head back towards the heavens, eyes closed to look inward, palms turned up showing I seek to give as well as receive. Hands embrace mine leaving behind what I have been chasing.

 gift offered in palm of hand
healing loving light from orb


Written for Carpe Diem #369
Stopping at Yekaterinburg

*First time I heard the word anjali (which is a seal mudra -the gesture “seals” energy in the body and “seals” your relationship with the Divine.) I felt connected to it…my name is Anja Lee and Cherokee name is Ahyoka which means bringer of happiness. It is a mudra I use often during meditation.
Just a bit of my mind trivia 🙂

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