One of my watercolor paintings....drying and wait for next step, patiently.

One of my watercolor paintings….drying and waiting for next step, patiently.


As a child I remember being told to not allow things to upset you that you cannot control.

For instance, if it rains on a day you longed for sunshine
Look up and smile and remember the rain is what nourishes us all.
Laugh and maybe dance in the rain
It does wonders for the soul and can cause love to grow.

Hurry up and wait doesn’t seem like a pleasant game
There are times things block our path and slow us down.
Instead of cursing to the heavens, maybe you should give thanks
It could have been an angel stepping in your way preventing something bad.

Patience is something I embrace fully
Unless it comes to things within myself.
My mind is a busy place that whirls and twirls
Words want to be written, things need to be said and images need to come out.

When I write the pen conducts the words from my mind onto paper
I do not stop, ponder what I should write next.
Instead I open my heart and allow it to pour out
Once it is out, it can be hard to go back and read…not even to correct.

The hardest time is when I paint
Liquid colors blend into one another.
I try so hard to get my picture down
It takes much effort to pause and let it be.

Drawing is different
I allow the ink to move and it doesn’t have to dry.
Sit bent over my pad, music on
Pictures come one after one.

Patience is a virtue I typically have
I can allow life to set its pace and follow.
With myself, I just need more practice
I do not strive for perfection

Just need to be patience with me.


Written for MindLoveMisery prompt Consuming Impatience

One thought on “Patiently

  1. Patience is not one of my strong points, when I do paint I never give it time to dry so I can do the next step and so I end up with a mucky mess. It is something I need to work on! Great advice =)


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