Open My Heart

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In the recesses of my darkened heart, there is a door. Take my hand and I will lead you there but tread carefully. I heard whispers etched into my ribcage that spoke of a sort of voodoo that corrupted this place long before you came. I must warn you others have run away when they got to this point. So many times I have recanted the tale of the door to the point of utter exhaustion.

The last one stepped inside the door to the attic that holds my fears. I did not walk him there like I am doing for you. Instead, he charmed his way in but once there ripped them all apart of with his shears of deception and lies. I beg you, please do no more harm. I don’t think I could survive.

My dear, no worries, please. You fear is palpable and consuming me from the inside. I am here to suture your wounds with kindness, trust and love.  You lead the way and if you get scared I will hold your hand in mind so are never alone. Not anymore. 

Please go on in but know pain is still suspended within my heart. I pushed it into the corners for this moment.

I step lightly as not to disturb the heart break effluvia coursing through your veins. I can see the damage that is done but breathe easy, my love, for I see hope. It is resting safe in my hands like a new born baby sleeping in his bassinet. I will place it here and over time it will grow. Just have faith and I will slay all the demons that reside here and heal the pain. 

I must trust that even through the darkest of times, some anomaly may drop from the shadows and into the light to plant the seed of healing. You are that for me.

You are that for me as well.


This wordle has been written for MindLoveMisery Menagerie

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