My Muse

Ponytail by Last Exit

Your blood is like ink to me,

I watch it drip onto the worn pages.

It swirls into beautiful images

It is a story only I can see.

You are my muse

And I am the creative writer.

As you writhe and collapse, you inspire me.

Please baby, just give me a little more.

Your once immaculate blonde hair

Is now stained crimson.

I have never seen you look more angelic.

I am in awe of your beauty.

I lean in close to you

So I can hear the moans.

I carve a little deeper to force a scream from your lips.

Sounds like music for my heart to dance.

Oh my muse, I need more words….

This has just begun…..


Scream for me love.

Bleed for me just a little more.

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