Most Common Lie

I’m fine

Two words
drip like honey from the tongue

There is no sweetness
so often brought on by
sadness and hurt

When a stranger asks
how are you
we smile, nod and say good

Someone close may ask the same
why is it then we shut them out
whisper the most common lie
I’m fine

Too many times the one who asks
is the one who brought the pain
we do not look them in the eye
they may see the tears

Often in life those we trust and love
are the ones who
lie to us
break us
bring us to our knees


When we are covered in darkness of depression
other friends offer their hand
again, we mumble
the lie
I’m fine

Shame and foolishness
wash over us
we don’t want others to know
we trusted the wrong person again

When you hear the words (lie)
I’m fine
are you the one who caused the woe
if so
make amends
if not
do not just walk away
stop and offer your heart
let them know it is safe
to say
I am not fine


Written for MindLoveMisery prompt….An Unwanted Reality

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